The beauty and chaos of Spring

DSC_0904 DSC_0910When the snow melts you have to start and thankfully the weather has finally allowed for some good work time outdoors.

The farm is coming alive as spring arrives and the list of “to do” is continual. We have four raised beds of  greens planted in the hoop house with the sowing being in 3 week increments: Tat Soi, Arugula, Kale, Swiss Chard, Loose Leaf Black Seeded Simpson, Loose Leaf Red Salad Bowl, Bibb Lettuce, Lincoln Sweet Peas, and radishes.

The greens are coming along nicely and should produce a decent salad by the first of June for our members.  We have started to harden off other vegetables (brussel sprouts and leeks) that were started in the green house, always a good sign of warmer weather. Once we can be sure that overnight temperatures are going to be consistently warmer we can transplant 45+ tomato plants!

In the evening after school, Handy J has been building a layered fence around the pasture garden to prevent the herd(s) of deer that meander through the area.  He also finished the chicken coop just in time for the arrival of our 10 Rhode Island Red chicks which arrived on Monday afternoon. So far all 10 are still peeping, eating, drinking, and pooping. The signs of life are all around us and the adventure continues!





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