Sugar Bush

We love maple syrup in our family; who doesn’t like real deal maple syrup.  The one thing about maple syrup that I don’t like is the cost. With 15 or so maple trees on the property, we are going to attempt to tap that sap!

A bit of research on Handy J’s part always leads him down some interesting paths. He postulates that there are roughly 15 or so trees that could be tapped on our farm. Most he believes are Silver Maples which have a sugar content of 2-2.5 %. This compared to Sugar Maples at a 3-5% sugar content. Basically it comes down to boiling. Lower sugar content means more boiling to remove the water from the sap.

His plan is basically to tap only a few trees this year to feel it out and not overburden us with the long process of boiling down tree water (outside).  We are planning on tapping six trees this year. This should produce around 60 gallons of sap for the season, we hope. Then its boiling time to reduce that 60 gallons to basically 10 quarts of sap.  Not a years supply by any means but a start.

Now its time to order the spiles or make our own out of Staghorn Sumac branches, which Handy J is tempted to try out. Nothing like attempting some pioneering skills to save $2.00 on equipment!

So now to the trees we watch and wait for sap to start running. Hello signs of Spring!


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