Seed Planting Saturday

Tomato plant seedlings; currently under grow lights.
35 Tomato plant seedlings currently under grow lights. 

Last Saturday evening we were getting our hands dirty planting another batch of seeds. It was a family affair as Handy J’s mother was in town and helped us divide and replant, get more seeds started, and watched two little munchkins while we gave the green house a thorough cleaning before we jam pack it full of seeds!

We have five varieties of tomatoes currently started (35 plants total thus far).

The weather is starting to warm (37 degrees) and the snow/layers of ice are starting to melt away.  Let’s hope that furry, little groundhog tale has some truth to it and that winter is wrapping up soon! We’ve got plants to grow!

On the planting list for 2/23/2013:

  • Broccoli (Waltham, 12 starts)
  • Cauliflower  (Early Snowball, 12 starts)
  • Leeks (American Flag, over 100 leek seeds)
  • Cabbage (Early Jersey Wakefield, Winningstadt, Late Flat Dutch – 12 starts each)

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