Seed Order 2013

Our seed inventory is quite extensive and is kept in Handy J’s black garden journal – it is a treasured book full of farm/garden research, lists, ideas, and a few bits of male randomness. It has a Table of Contents, it’s written solely in pencil (the use of pen is strictly forbidden), and it’s totally Handy J.  In this farm story book is our 2013 Seed Order.  The following are seeds that have been replenished due to their previous successes or newly added seeds to add to our gardening repertoire:

  • Waltham Broccoli
  • Long Island Improved Brussels
  • Minnesota Midget Canteloupe
  • Fordhook Giant Swiss Chard
  • Kales
  • Marketmore 76 Cucumber
  • Arugula/Rouqette
  • Red Salad Bowl – Lettuce
  • Red Russian Kale
  • Black Seeded Simpson – Lettuce
  • Lincoln – Pea
  • Black Beauty – Zuke
  • Tatsoi
  • Giant Mammoth Sunflower
  • French B-fast – Radish
  • Autumn King Carrot
  • Scarlet Nantes Carrot
  • Colossa Red Magel Beet
  • Purple Globe  – Turnip
  • Rouge de Hiver – Romaine
  • Tom Thumb – Bibb
  • Vermont Cranberry Shell Bean
  • Blacktail Mountain – Watermelon

What I’ve learned: I have a difficult time reading Handy J’s handwriting.


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