Preparation for Spring!

The first set of garden beds have been constructed in the hoop house and the first set of seeds sown. Handy J put together eight 3ft x 10 ft raised beds in the hoop house to start the majority of our greens in the coming months. In addition, he started tomatoes and peppers in the green house. The tomato and pepper seeds are in a warmed planter in the green house. Handy J placed heat coils in sand and placed the planter on top of the sand. The heat coils keep the soil temperature at 80 degrees allowing for solid germination.  So far so good with seven already popping through. The hope for spring intensifies!
We have five varieties of tomatoes started, seven of each kind:
  • Amish
  • Yugo
  • Early Girl
  • Brandywine
  • Aunt Ruby
We have four varieties of peppers, seven of each kind:
  • Black Hungarian
  • Ancho
  • Cyklon
  • Wisconsin


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